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Youtube SEO or general video SEO deals as a particular part of video marketing with the search engine optimization (SEO) of videos. So far you have only known this for websites and webshops? Right! Video SEO is one of the relatively new branches of SEO, such as the App Store Optimization (ASO), where apps are optimized for ranking in the Apple App Store or Google Play.



We all know YouTube is all about videos and how you use it to your advantage. Now the question is how do you come up with strategies when you want to market your video channels on YouTube? Do you buy real Youtube subscribers or try more organic methods to market your YT channel.

Firstly, YouTube marketing is for both offline and online business owners and marketers. Imagine uploading a video and the massive crowd that gets to see it. All you need to know are strategies for YouTube marketing.


Choose a name capitalizing the keywords, using a meaningful and straightforward channel name is important. It’s not necessary you add numbers; it could be a mixture of both capital and small letters. For example, you’re into funny videos about animals; you can use names like PetsForAll, not PetsForAll112, that doesn’t look attractive.


Uploading a video of high quality and good sound effect keeps your viewers engaged. Why do you think people go to cinemas to watch movies? It’s simply because of the high quality. You’ll also want to draw attention to your video by creating a thumbnail, making the viewer’s click on your videos, while uploading a video create a thumbnail by going to your custom thumbnails option, you can also edit your thumbnails, upload videos of GIF, BMP format, pictures should be under 2mb, use colored text when explaining the usefulness of your content.


Make out time to write out your channel page for your Youtube subscribers, write about your goals and your brand or what you’d like to market. Add links to your websites, your Social Media, profiles you can also choose to make it personal or write about a character. Trust me YouTube viewers would be interested in this.


This is an important key; I wonder why most people don’t use it. All your videos should have a call to action telling your viewers what to do like “please comment, please like, and subscribe to my channel today”. You should have in mind that you’re trying to get more viewers, subscribers, shares, and comments.


Best video sequence for YouTube is 3 minutes, avoid long videos especially if it’s an advert or trailer, you aim is to make your viewers understand the message you want to pass across and still leave a bit of suspense behind, viewers can either re-watch it or move to your next video. It’s not compulsory to stick to a 3-minute video, you can make it 3-10 it’s your choice, and a lot of videos of 10 minutes are having great views.  You can also choose to break down your videos into parts, whichever works for you.


    • Focus on getting more viewers
    • You can create videos of your viewer’s choice and suggestions
    • Engage with other brands or influencers channel page
    • Reply comments, also comment on other channel pages.


YouTube marketing strategy has helped a lot of YouTube subscribers, it helps create traffic and move your videos across the web.…

Video Seo & Youtube Seo

SEO Video SEO-Youtube logoYoutube is the second largest search engine after Google. Every month about 38 million Germans are looking for current and exciting videos. In addition to videos with cute cats and young pop groups, videos about companies and products are consumed. Is this already your company? Its range makes Youtube a relevant medium for companies. The optimization of visibility in this network called Youtube SEO is still relatively young. Here would desire to clarify some of the basics of Video SEO in this article so that your video gets the visibility it deserves.

What Is Video Seo?

Youtube SEO or general video SEO deals as a particular part of video marketing with the search engine optimization (SEO) of videos. So far you have only known this for websites and webshops? Right! Video SEO is one of the relatively new branches of SEO, such as the App Store Optimization (ASO), where apps are optimized for ranking in the Apple App Store or Google Play. SEO Video Search Engine Optimization Youtube Search Results

The goal – your video on Google’s and Youtube’s first results page

This sounds like Spanish villages at first, but the approach is quite simple: Youtube now manages several billion different videos. Now, if a visitor searches on Youtube for a specific topic, such as “painting work,” this visitor is shown a list of results. The videos in this list are sorted by relevance, that is, how well the video matches the search query “painting.” But how does Youtube decide which videos from the vast archive are the most relevant? Based on parameters that are mostly known and that can be optimized. And here begins the video SEO!

How Does Youtube Seo Work?

Of course, there are other video portals like MyVideo, Clipfish, Vimeo, etc. besides Youtube. Due to the dominant supremacy of Youtube, I would like to limit myself to the specific mechanisms for this network. As an example to serve the current image video of our Internet agency that we set a few weeks ago on our Youtube channel. Of course, along with the appropriate video SEO.

Edit videos for the SEO

You can easily edit your videos in your Video Manager. Once you’re logged in to Youtube, you’ll find the link to the Video Manager to the left of the dashboard. SEO Video Search Engine Optimization Youtube Video ManagerIn the right overview you can now see all uploaded videos, which you can optimize with the “Edit” button.

It starts with the title

SEO video search engine optimization Youtube search function

The search function of Youtube with Title and Description

The title of the video on Youtube works much like the page title of a website. In a nutshell, it should truthfully be what the user expects in your video. In the few characters that are available to you, of course, you should also place your most important keywords. For Youtube, these keywords have a high priority within the title. Also, the users orient themselves in their search for exciting videos, especially on the title. That’s why it should be as short, handy and easy to understand.

Stay with the truth!

 A title with keywords from the red light area will certainly help you to get good click-through rates. After only a few seconds, the user will leave your video, and this negative user experience leads to a bad rating by the search engine, so Youtube. So stay with the truth and do not promise your subscribers any content that you can not deliver!

The description

SEO video search engine optimization Youtube description

The story or description directly below the video

With the traditional SEO for Web projects, the description plays in the Metadata only a subordinate role. With it, users should be motivated to click on their search results on Google. With the Youtube SEO, this text adds another meaning: Youtube can make your video very difficult to read content automatically. Google is more comfortable with excellent web projects, so it does not need a separate description anymore. Youtube uses this description to gain more information about the content of your video.

Use the description for a detailed content reproduction!

 Accordingly, you should use the description to place more keywords or to repeat the keywords from the title.

In the visible area below the video, however, only the first 3-4 lines remain!

 Therefore always enter relevant information such as the web address of your homepage within these first lines. Also, you can insert your contact information in the Youtube video description. While this does not affect Youtube search engine optimization, it does help your prospects reach you after watching the video.

Subtitle (transcript) for the Youtube SEO

SEO video search engine optimization Youtube transcript

The automated speech recognition – using the transcript function for the SEO

The tools for speech recognition are now well developed and of course, are used extensively by Youtube. You can find the transcript function as a “subtitle” in your Video Manager. Youtube generates an automatic subtitle for each video. This is intended for people with impaired hearing, but can also be used well for your video SEO purposes. Also, the automatically generated subtitle is often very flawed.

Always check the automatic subtitle of your videos!

  In the Video Manager, you can create your new subtitle. Directly edit the existing caption and save it. It is automatically placed as a new version next to the already existing subtitles on Youtube. The unique feature of the Youtube transcript is the division of the text passages into individual time frames of your video. Of course, you can not press the entire text in just 4 seconds. Instead, you should be guided by the existing schedule and optimize only the specific terms and replace if possible by keywords or supplement.