The Official Twitter WordPress Plugin Analysis

The Official Twitter WordPress Plugin Analysis







Twitter is a surprisingly preferred and common social media site, which is normally utilized to share connect to internet site material. WordPress is an exceptionally preferred and extensive blogging platform, which normally makes the material shared on Twitter. It stands to factor that these two systems have had a lengthy and also robust past of a shared plugin produced on them.

Wait, just what do you suggest they don’t? Well, that holds true. Till just a couple of days ago, if you had to embed tweets on a WordPress blog, you had certainly need to make use of among the hundreds of third-party plugins made for that purpose. Actually, if you’re making use of Twitter and WordPress with each other today, chances are you’re utilizing among these 3rd party plugins.

Since a couple of days back, Twitter ultimately released an official WordPress plugin. It’s a long-awaited launch, so definitely it must contain attributes we have actually increased to enjoy from our third party plugins. Right?

Let’s dig more.

The Official Plugin

To start with, you could discover the official plugin in WordPress’ plugin directory site, or simply click this little hyperlink right here. Since the time of this writing, the plugin has 9,000+ installs, as well as has a typical rating of 3.3 out of 5, with a grand total of six rankings.


The three 5-star rankings aren’t quite helpful. One commends the coding of the plugin, calling it extremely strong. One commends the code and the backend, however alerts that it calls for a really recent variation of PHP to run: 5.4. The third just mentions the PHP point. The one 3-star evaluation complains regarding Twitter cards turning up for every page. The two 1-star reviews, on the other hand, grumble regarding the failure to tailor the important things. One caution additionally claims that the main Twitter plugin induces the ShareThis plugin to crash.

So, that’s what WordPress reviewers need to say concerning it. However what concerning the attributes? What can it do, what restrictions does it have, and also is it worth installing?

Official Qualities


Twitter, on their dev website, asserts that the plugin is built around Twitter’s very own ideally business. The idea is that whatever you do with the plugin is something that Twitter sanctions.

First, one of the most apparent and perhaps finest feature of the Twitter for WordPress plugin; automatic Twitter cards. With the plugin set up, every page on your web site will immediately generate a Twitter card for that page, when any type of customer shares that page. You don’t have to produce one on your own, or enter tiresome manual code modifications.

Second is tweet embeds. You can take any tweet you’ve made as well as embed it right into your site. These embeds are the conventional Twitter embeds, revealing any type of attached pictures, the username and also @name of the customer, their image, a Comply with button, the tweet material and also day, and also the number of retweets as well as favorites it has actually obtained. You can additionally tailor the style between Twitter’s 2 choices, light and dark.

Other features, which you might take into consideration basic as all get-out, include the ability to publish a Tweet button, standard Twitter analytics integration, a Follow button and conversion tracking for Twitter advertisements. A lot of this was either effortlessly available in intermittent social sharing plugin, or as part of a various expansion from Twitter for general internet sites. The only thing the Twitter plugin brings in is integration into the WordPress dashboard, which various other plugins likewise already did.

Official Limitations

All this is nice, and also all, however just what concerning feed embeds, or further customization, or playing great with other popular plugins? Well, that’s all a great deal of expensive attributes you youthful’uns do not need. A minimum of, according to Twitter.

View, Twitter has evidently decided to choose basic performance first. They’re pushing a fundamental, practical, glossy as well as easy-to-install plugin at once. Advanced features could come later on, once they’ve pleased customers with how great the standard plugin is.

One point the official plugin does that don’t is include assistance for Twitter-hosted video clips, installed in your blog site. This is a brand new function, virtually as brand-new as the plugin, many of the third party plugins haven’t added assistance for it just yet.

Certainly, each one of this is likewise kept back by the failure to use the plugin on older web systems. If you’re not going for least PHP 5.4, you’re as well old to run the plugin. You’ll should upgrade, which could be pricey or time consuming relying on the age and ins and out of your system.

Still, the real-time Twitter feed installed is something a lot of of us concern rely on with our blogs, that switching over to a plugin without it is pretty difficult. In all honesty, I would certainly suggest holding back on the upgrade up until they update.

Luckily, upgrades are in the cards. Twitter has actually gone on record claiming it’s very simple for them to upgrade their plugin with new features, as well as continuing they will be expanding just what it can do. Sinced Twitter themselves are maintaining the plugin, it will likewise be able to update to support new features the moment those features turn out.

Additionally, Twitter has actually made it very easy for motif designers to roll in Twitter assistance. Preferably, styles moving forward could prepare around the code Twitter offers, which eliminates the requirement for developers to try to leave versatility for any one of the hundreds of available plugins.

One terrific benefit to the Twitter plugin is just that you recognize it works and also you know it’s visiting be upgraded frequently. Various other plugins, from the 3,000+ offered to incorporate Twitter and also WordPress, you simply never understand. Does this older plugin work, does it have a safety opening, is it actively supported? Any person experienced with digging via WordPress plugins knows how hard it is to answer these concerns.

Generally, if all you need is a standard Twitter combination, the official WordPress plugin is just great. If you’re using advanced features, like feed installs, as well as do not intend to wait for Twitter to get in gear to include that feature, go on and delay changing. If you actually dislike the nuisance of customizing your Twitter cards for every single web page you create, the official plugin’s automated capability to create them is a godsend.

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