Festive Season Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

Festive Season Instagram Marketing Tips for Businesses

Is your business on Instagram?

Searching for methods to stand apart this holiday season?

There are easy techniques you can utilize to grab attention and boost engagement with holiday shoppers on Instagram.

In this article you’ll discover 6 suggestions to increase your Instagram marketing for the holidays.

# 1: Ask Fans to Select Their Favorite

It’s a popular truth that asking concerns on social media is a great way to generate engagement. This season, you can take that method an action further by asking your audience, “Which one?”.

Put two likewise themed items alongside each other in one image and ask users which they prefer for the holiday. A fried turkey or a roasted one? The green gown or the blue dress? Provides under the tree or equipping gluttons?

You can use apps and devices like Layout from Instagram to make it easy to assemble two or more photos into a single image that you can share. Showcasing 2 products not only highlights the products you want to showcase, however also can create a lots of conversation and engagement with users.

# 2: Partner With a Cause.

Giving back is constantly good for both your neighborhood and your brand credibility, and this is particularly true throughout the vacations. With the focus on offering to others, many clients will not only take more notice of your charitable work and donations, but may likewise take part along with you.

Some companies gather donations of money, food or toys and drop them off at a local charity. Others will sell items to raise cash, as Sterling Jewelers does by offering Christmas bears for St. Jude (which customers can either keep for themselves or contribute to households in requirement). Companies also hold events to raise cash or donate time to volunteer with a charity.

Share your charitable work to influence fans to give back, too.

Share your charitable work to influence fans to give back, too.

No matter what alternative you select for your business, supporting a charity can be an enormous opportunity for positive brand-building. If you include content of your business’s kind deeds on Instagram, such as your employees doing volunteer work or a picture of the item you’re offering, users will take notification.

# 3: Launch a Seasonal Fan Content Project.

Fan material offers two distinct benefits to your business. It enhances user engagement, while building connection and commitment. Likewise you get great ready-made content for no cost to your company, aside from the effort it required to find the material.

Starbucks does particularly well with Instagram marketing. They have actually successfully produced engagement by sharing user-generated content. With their yearly Red Cup Contest, Starbucks asks users to share images of how they celebrate the return of the red holiday cups using the hashtag #RedCupContest. The prize for winners is a Starbucks present card, and the contest produces a lots of great content every year.

Run a fan material campaign during the vacations.

Run a fan material campaign during the vacations.

Encourage your Instagram audience to create and share holiday– themed material making use of a branded hashtag. Consider offering some sort of reward, whether you’re running a main contest or not. The prize can be a gift card, free gift or the chance to have their content featured by your brand. Utilize a tool like Iconosquare to help you run contests to enhance fan content, allowing you to schedule the contest and moderate responses wholesale.

Keep in mind to prompt users to utilize your campaign hashtag so you’ll be able to find their content, as Starbucks did with #RedCupContest. Make use of a tool like Gramfeed to help you sort through Instagram content quickly. You can not only look for a certain topic or hashtag, but also improve your outcomes by keywords and by the time the post was submitted.

Make sure you ask authorization to repurpose users’ content, especially if they weren’t taking part in a contest or giveaway. You can do this by commenting directly on their posts.

# 4: Function Complementary Products.

Numerous salesmen are trained to provide “ideal pairs” to clients, revealing them both the product they’re interested in and a product that complements it. This method frequently leads to greater sales, and works just as well for Instagram marketing as it performs in person.

Function ideal pairs in your Instagram posts to flesh them out and form a more visually vibrant image. Showing the 2nd product not just increases the chances of a larger sale, but can also make the very first product look much more appealing.

Many consumers enjoy to provide and receive gift sets. A blue diamond pendant looks even much better with a matching ring, a fishing pole is more enticing with a full tackle box and an array of tea tastes with a splendid teapot includes a personal touch.

Come the holiday season, consumers are searching for gifts, and they’re going to be more ready to spend lavishly on multiple items at once given that they’re already in the buying mood (specifically on Black Friday).

# 5: Highlight Holiday Sales and Discounts.

As enjoyable and amazing as the holiday season is for lots of, there is no doubt that it’s often a pricey season. Though all the focus for sales is on Black Friday, you can gain from heavily promoting your upcoming or current sales or discount rates throughout the holiday on Instagram.

To generate conversions and enhance sales and impulse purchases, utilize high– quality photos of your items with mentions of sales, promotions and giveaways. Also include a note in the description with a discount coupon code or to tell clients where to find those deals.

With numerous users more ready to splurge come the holiday season, promoting sales and discount rates on Instagram gives them the best reason to do so.

# 6: Run Instagram Ads.

Instagram advertisements are here just in time for the holiday marketing season. As users’ Instagram feeds ended up being overrun with holiday-themed posts, it can be tough to stand apart, specifically when you’re attempting to connect with new users.

Though fairly new, Instagram is becoming a strong ad platform, as it’s partnered with (and go through) the unbelievably successful Facebook advertisements.

Run Instagram advertisements during the holiday.

Run Instagram advertisements during the holiday.

Carousel advertisements and video ads carry out well on Instagram. Carousel ads permit you to include several images (commonly of products) that can be made use of to show a variety of options or narrate, and it’s no secret that video content is taking social networks by storm.

While all kinds of advertisements can perform well on Instagram, these 2 choices in particular will help your material stick out in the holiday.


The holiday marketing season begins early, and this year is no exception. You’ll be dealing with enhanced competition to obtain your target audience’s attention and engagement. Integrating these 6 tips with your Instagram best practices will assist your content carry out well throughout the holiday season.

Remember, too, that it is necessary to make good use of hashtags and pick fascinating, appealing images users will wish to see.

What do you believe? Have you attempted any of these methods to enhance marketing success on Instagram? What vacation marketing strategies do you plan to use?