How To Remove Facebook Page Restrictions

How To Remove Facebook Page Restrictions

This is a guide for clients that are looking to buy Facebook likes or followers from us. It is important that there are no restrictions on your page so we can complete the work. You may turn back on any restrictions you want after we have got your job completed. Please follow the steps below to remove any restrictions from your page.

Step A- Navigate To Your Facebook Page

If you look on the left side of your Facebook page you will see all of your business Facebook pages that you are appointed admin. Click the page you would like to remove the Facebook restrictions on as shown below;

how to remove restrictions

Step B- Edit Facebook Page Settings

You will navigate to your Facebook page settings after completing Step A. In the settings page is where you will find all the options to remove your pages Facebook restrictions. There are 4 main settings for you to look at as show in the picture below;

remove restrictions Facebook

Step C- Country Restrictions Edit

To be able to have your Facebook page seen by people in every country around the world you must all countries names in the “Country Restrictions” section. Once this is done you must click ” Hide This Page From Viewers In These Countries”. Don’t forget to save changes. Check the graphic below to see it visually;

how to remove Facebook country restrictions

Step D- Age Restrictions Edit

Although we rarely send Facebook likes of users below the age of 18 there is a tiny percentage of users that are so we must edit the age restrictions to account for this. You must make sure to choose the option Anyone (13+) here to allow people of any age to like your Facebook page. Please check the graphic below;

remove Facebook age restrictions

Final Note

These steps are necessary for us to deliver your Facebook likes. If you have ordered USA or other targeted Facebook likes please do not worry as we have filters on our end we use to make sure you get all likes from the country you are targeting. We do however need these changes to be made to avoid any interruptions in us sending you the likes. Thanks for working with us and I am sure you will agree this is a small task to do to get outstanding results on Facebook from us 🙂