Politics Twitter- Does Twitter Sway Votes as CNN says?

Politics Twitter- Does Twitter Sway Votes as CNN says?

There have been many events in history, many inventions that have changed the way we view things. They have changed how we live our lives for better or for worse. In the recent past and present, one of those things is social media. The idea behind the thing was to allow people to remain connected with each other through the means of the internet, granted there were means before the social media was created but they were either too expensive like the telephone or the time spent waiting for a response like the email was too high, moreover you could converse with only one person at a time. But social media changed that and now that number has risen from one to everyone.

Currently there are numerous platforms for social media and they have various impacts on numerous things, but one of the most popular, fastest and the one which is the biggest in scope is Twitter. The thing about twitter is that anyone can read your tweets in the world, and that means a number of things particularly politics. Since anyone can see the tweets, it’s the prime platform for political discussions as it is observed often that whenever something big and hot happens politically numerous tweets and hashtags are seen ‘trending’ on twitter. It sounds great if used properly, however like with all good things it has some bad aspects as well, namely the tendency for things to be blown out of proportion. Lets just say a politician tweets something rather trivial but it become rather viral due to the following that politician has or being retweeted by a person who would have a large following. In this way people wishing to get good material from these politicians must now sift through every tweet and follow every single lead to find those few that actually have something behind them. There’s always a privacy risk on such platforms of course and moreover since everything is watched a single misunderstood tweet such as Donald Trump’s famous Twitter tweet as reported by CNN politics twitter;










It is kind of ironic that Donald Trump is now president of the free world! At buyrealsocialmarketing.com we wonder if Obama is getting that free lifetime gold membership! Here is another famous tweet from the president of the United States.


Of course, there are some horrible tweets from other politicians that has become viral such as;

CNN Politics Twitter





It is very likely social platforms like Twitter have swayed the vote of the American people in some way or another as it is a huge part of our everyday lives. With services, such as our own where you can buy Twitter followers that are real and organic, it is possible for a politician to build a huge Twitter account and reach millions of voters.

Worlwide there are thousands of political representatives that are popular on Twitter. Just like we seen in CNN politics Twitter there is a popular uprise in followers to these powerful politicians. Below is the most followered politicians on Twitter.

In the end, it all depends on how you use something. Social media is a tool, like a knife which can either be a weapon or something that you use to prepare food or some other utility work. Bottom line being that it all depends on how you use it, we have discussed the relationship between Twitter and politics which I hope would have educated you a bit about how things work especially if you follow CNN politics Twitter. Next time you hear something on social media, unless it has solid proof backing it, take it with a grain of salt.