Setting-Up a Facebook Page for Your Business

Setting-Up a Facebook Page for Your Business

Some of these e-commerce website owners might ask, “How can we manage our business on Facebook?” Well, the answer is simple:

Facebook has created a space for e-commerce website owners to promote their brands, products and services through Facebook’s business pages.

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Creating a Facebook page for business is a very simple task. Here are the steps to successfully promote your business, brand and sell your products and services on Facebook:

1. Go to this URL to build your Facebook page for companies

From this page you can choose the best category that suits your business. There are six categories to choose from and these are:

– The local company
– The company, organization or institution
– Brand or product
– Artist, group or public personality
– Entertainment
– Cause the Community

Keep in mind that selecting the most appropriate category for your page is your page rank in the most relevant searches and providing other relevant areas to advance your Facebook page useful to your audience.

2. Use your company or brand logo as your profile photo. This ensures that people recognize you by name or a brand new product or brand, but it will also help you identify.

3. Write a brief description of your brand. Remember that two to three sentences filled with compelling keywords are sure to understand your audience so what your page is to keep pretty much the same.

4. Put your Facebook page name for something that is simple, relevant and memorable.

5. Load a cover sheet, which is horizontal, with 851px x 315px dimensions. Use a cover photo, improve audience participation, but relevantly for your business, product or brand.

6. Go to the “Edit Page” tab in the administration control panel and use the drop-down arrow:

– Updating of information
– Manage Permissions
– Add features / Change administrator
– Manage notifications
– Use activity logs
– View banned users

7. Add Shout Outs and work on your calendar highlights to highlight important events in your company. This will ensure that the content of your Facebook page of the company that will be traversed and sought by the people with whom I invite them to your side.

8. Build your audience and ensure that those who are already abreast of your company know your customers or even knowledge. This way you will get more people like your website.

9. If you have a budget for Facebook ads, see your advertising services, as they give you a very good return on investment.

10. Do not forget to update your Facebook regularly with interesting and attractive positions.