Twitter Trending 2016

Twitter Trending 2016

Even if you spend a little bit of time on Twitter you’ll find out what’s trending in the world. But there are some Twitter trending topics that dominates the others and people in huge numbers talk about it. They tweet with a hash tag and join the trend themselves. Here are the top topics that are Twitter trending in 2016.




Pokemon Go Twitter Trend:









Who haven’t heard of the game Pokemon Go! The game might sound silly to some people but if we try to be honest the idea behind Pokemon Go is the future of online gaming. This topic is still a trending one on twitter and was on the number one spot during the entire month of July!

David Bowie Twitter Trend:

David Bowie trending Twitter









David Bowie’s name is obviously not a surprise. One of the biggest music icons in the world died on the 10th of January and his name instantly became a trending topic in 2016. His new album along with his death was the reason why people were talking about David for more than 3 months.

Rio 2016 Twitter Trend:

Usain Bolt Twitter trending










The greatest sporting event in the world happens once in a circle of four years. The Olympics have always attracted attention not just on twitter but everywhere. #Rio2016 is currently the most trending topic on twitter and probably will maintain its position for some time. Who can forget Usain Bolt smiling for the cameras as he won gold in the olympics. Pure gold!

Donald Trump Twitter Trend:

Donald Trump Twitter










Why wouldn’t Donald Trump be trending on twitter in 2016? The man always manages to become a trending topic and people in general talk about his character. Whether you’re interested in politics or not you cannot deny the fact that even you tweeted about him!

Michael Phelps Twitter Trend:











Michael Phelps recently won his 20th and 21st gold medal making him instantly the most trending topic on twitter in August. There’s a GIF as well that has been around twitter showcasing Phelps winning a race while his opponent looking at him.

Euro Cup 2016 Twitter Trend:

eurocup twitter trend









If you’re a football fan you might have noticed how Euro Cup was trending on twitter charts for a long time. It’s no surprise though; one of the most famous football events in the world which is watched by nearly a billion people is bound to have a large following on twitter.

Game of Thrones Twitter Trend:

gamof thrones twitter trend













The award of most trended topic on twitter goes to your favorite TV show that has been a subject of fascination by nearly every twitter user! Various GIFs, Memes and videos along with the hash tag were shared on twitter during the release of season 6.