What is Facebook Emoticons?

What is Facebook Emoticons?

The one thing that makes Facebook more relatable to human socialization is the frequent use of Facebook emoticons. Besides the fact that these emoticons are extremely cute looking they provide us the opportunity to express our thoughts and feelings in an effective way. Whenever we write a message or a status update on Facebook we tend to include emoticons for two reasons, the first is to connect with the other person on an emotional level and secondly to make it look funny, sad or the tons of expressions that those little faces can make. Here are some of the Facebook emoticons explained:

Emoji Reactions:

Recently introduced, emoji reactions were created because apparently Mr. Zuckerberg received a lot of requests from Facebook users that a dislike button should be created. Of course that wasn’t going to happens in turn the CEO of the company came out with the idea of Emoji reactions. These reactions were created with the specific purpose so they can portray how a user reacts to a certain post, picture or any video. As Facebook is a platform where people post a wide variety of things and different reactions are normal. The following are the set of reactions introduced so far:


Facebook emoticons • Like — Thumbs Up
• Love — A Heart
• Haha — One of the most used, laughing emoji
• Yay — That smile though
• Wow — The Surprised Face
• Sad — The Crying Face
• Angry — The Angry Face

The Facebook reaction emoji cover some of the basic human feelings regarding an event.

Facebook Emoticon Stickers and Messenger Emoji:

When you’re taking part in a conversation using messenger it is obvious that you’ll be having a lot of emotions and not just happiness, sadness or angriness. You might feel, let’s say disgusted? Well, Facebook has an emoticon for that as well. And just about any type of emotion that you can have. They even have an emoji for an emotionless person! That’s the great thing about Facebook because when we are talking with our friends on Facebook we need to have a wide variety of emoticons that can help us to show how we actually feel about something. Furthermore, emoticons carry out the role of emphasizing a certain point. Like if you’re angry with a person you can just send him that emoticon and he will understand even if you haven’t written anything.
There are some other emoticons that can be used in a variety of situations such as playing golf, smoking, sleeping, being a devil and the most commonly used by couples is an emoticon that shows a couple kissing each other with heart in between. So, you see any situation works when it comes to Facebook emoticons!